OSSEC Agent Installation in windows Step-by-Step

Installing OSSEC agent in a Windows server

Step 1

Create a new OSSEC key for the agent from the Server

Step 2

manage_agents on the OSSEC server

The server version of manage_agents provides an interface to:

  • add an OSSEC agent to the OSSEC server
  • extract the key for an agent already added to the OSSEC server
  • remove an agent from the OSSEC server
  • list all agents already added to the OSSEC server.

Step 3:

To add an agent type the below command


The manage_agents menu:


* OSSEC HIDS v2.5-SNP-100809 Agent manager.*
* The following options are available:*


(A)dd an agent (A).
(E)xtract key for an agent (E).
(L)ist already added agents (L).   
(R)emove an agent (R).   
Choose your action: A,E,L,R or Q:

Type the  letter and hit enter will initiate that function.

Step 4:

Adding an agent

To add an agent type a in the start screen:

Choose your action: A,E,L,R or Q: A 

You are then prompted to provide a name for the new agent. This can be the hostname or another string to identify the system. In this example the agent name will be agent1.

Adding a new agent (use '\q' to return to the main menu).  
Please provide the following:   * A name for the new agent: agent1

After that you have to specify the IP address for the agent

The IP Address of the new agent:

The last information you will be asked for is the ID you want to assign to the agent.

An ID for the new agent[001]:

As the final step in creating an agent,

you have to confirm adding the agent: Agent information:   ID:002   Name:agent1   IP Address:
Confirm adding it?(y/n): y

Agent added. After that manage_agents appends the agent information to /var/ossec/etc/client.keys and goes back to the start screen

Step 5:

Extracting the key for an agent

After adding an agent, a key is created. This key must be copied to the agent. To extract the key, use the e option in the manage_agents start screen. You will be given a list of all agents on the server. To extract the key for an agent, simply type in the agent ID. It is important to note that you have to enter all digits of the ID

Choose your action: A,E,L,R or Q: E
Available agents:   ID: 001, Name: agent1, IP:
Provide the ID of the agent to extract the key (or '\q' to quit): 001
Agent key information for '001' is:MDAyIGFnZW50MSAxOTIuMTY4LjIuMC8yNCBlNmY3N2RiMTdmMTJjZGRmZjg5YzA4ZDk5m

** Press ENTER to return to the main menu.

The key is encoded in the string (shortened for this example) MDAyIGFnZW50MSAxOTIuMTY4LjIuMC8yNCBlNmY3N2RiMTdmMTJjZGRmZjg5YzA4ZDk5Mm and includes information about the agent. This string can be added to the agent through the agent version of manage_agents.

Step 6:

Download the OSSEC agent for windows and kept in the place where we need to install















OSSEC-Agent-4 OSSEC-Agent-3 OSSEC-Agent-5
























Step 7








Step 7

In the OSSEC Server IP column give the IP address of the OSSEC Server

In the Authentication column give the key which we have extracted earlier.

Step 8








Click Save and press manage and restart the OSSEC.











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